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Lahore, Pakistan
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‘We build stuff that speaks for itself’- CEO eeGames Pvt. Limited

eeGames Pvt. Limited is a game studio with expertise in smart phone devices and game development. eeGames studio, the handiwork of many talented engineers specializing in software development, aims to maintain human supremacy over machines via developing games which are not just engaging but challenging as well. Using innovative technology in a way which makes humans smarter than machines, developers of eeGames envision to dominate the Global ERP, and Gaming industry. For the past two years, these ERP professionals have provided premium services and after sales support, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

‘We build stuff that speaks for itself’ says a software developer at eeGames studio. The company provides to develop software’s, mobile games, and remarkable ERP systems. Having highly experienced software developers who are efficiently programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing to release the software techies aspire, eeGames claims to ‘help customers realize their full potential by helping them achieve their goals’. eeGames is also creating complex Mobile games which challenge analytical skills and help in creating cognitive capabilities. Apart from their mobile games expertise, eeGames provide comprehensive and modular ERP systems to integrate various components business components to help cater to people’s business needs.

eeGames, a game studio affirming excellence in mobile application development, has developed various mobile games aimed at enhancing human cognitive capabilities. ‘All our games are age friendly, user friendly and fun filled apart from being a real analytical challenge’ says a game developer at eeGames.  RGB box runner, Ice Cube Penguin and Feed the Panda are the three games users claim to be ‘most challenging and standing out from the rest’ and have more than 10k reviews with two hours being the average time a user spends in one session . ‘I have never experienced the thrill I do when I play RGB box runner, it hooks you into it and helps you perform better on cognitive tasks’ states a user.

eeGames is a mobile game studio, specializing in smart phones/devices game development, software development and ERP systems, which is currently providing its services to windows phones, Android and IOS Apple. The CEO of eeGames, said “We want to innovate by combining technology and daily life.” The team claims to work on the agile development mode to enhance the development of mobile applications.