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eeGames, envisioning to become the best application developers in the world, holds fine expertise in the area of game development as well. In this era of artificial intelligence, there is a need to empower humans over machines. We do this by creating games which challenge your skills and help to develop cognitive capabilities. Our target is not just the youth but all age groups


eeGames holds developer experience in not just Android applications but iOS and Windows Phone apps as well. We create games which are user and software friendly. With over two years of experience, our skilled engineers have created various applications for all the above mentioned software’s, which are not just programmed to perfection but easy to use and follow as well.

eeGames studio have developed various applications like, iMusic Streaming, Nimble Rx, Well card Rx and Well card Health. Apart from these, we are greatly experienced in creating mind boggling games which challenge your analytical skills to the max. We, at eeGames studio, are addicted to immaculate programming and creating clean codes like never before.

Our games, though complex enough to force you think out of the box, also have a user friendly and interactive interface making it appropriate for all age groups. Apart from games, our applications, be it health based or entertainment based, have won the hearts of many by offering ease in everyday life.

Descriptions of Some of these applications is provided below:

iMusic streaming is one of the best free music streaming application in your app store through which you can listen and watch unlimited music (audio and video)  from diversified sources like YouTube, Dailymotion and Sound cloud along with radio channels. You can also create and share playlists by integrating music from different platforms.

Nimble Rx is the application which has made everyone’s life easier. Say goodbye to sore heels and long ques because Nimble Rx has brought the pharmacy to your home. Simply send your prescription and get notified when it is received at the other end. After that, you just have to wait for it to reach at your doorstep. There are no extra charges, you pay what you regularly pay for your medications without actually visiting a pharmacy!

Well card Rx is your virtual health discount card! This free prescription and health care discount card helps you save on services, health care products, lab tests, vision care, dental care, prescriptions and more. It gives your family access to these pre negotiated savings and helps in regular health care, making self-care fun and easy rather than a source of worry.

Well card Health provides its users with a number of health care perks. Members enjoy access to reduced costs on excellent health care services, finding pharmacies, medication prices, searching for providers and making appointments. If you are a member, you can use your copy of Well card health on your phone anywhere, at any time.

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