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eeGames Pvt. Ltd. wants to be the first Pakistani company to be dealing with puzzle games

eeGames Pvt. Ltd. wants to be the first Pakistani company to be dealing with puzzle games to enhance human cognitive capabilities and mind power. It also aims to become a leading player in the ERP for transport section not only locally but globally as well. The games are live on Windows, Google and Apple platform. The game, RGB Box Runner, is featured by Microsoft on windows platform. eeGames has also provided ERP solutions to transport a companies in Pakistan. It has successfully deployed accounts module and made it functional. There are two main features of the company, to build mobile games which will include different gaming genres, to enhance mind power. And to complete ERP solution, targeted towards the transport industry, by providing it with features to help optimize these businesses.

The mobile games which eeGames has so far developed have reached 10-12k views and exceeding numbers of downloads. Users, on average, are spending 2 hours per game session, spending more on the ones claimed to be highly addictive and fun; Ice Cube Penguin, Feed the Panda and RGB Box Runner.

  • Users and Developers hold various views regarding these games:
    RGB box Runner ‘Lets your mind do the thinking while your fingers do the switching!’ The user needs to jump from platform to platform at an increasing speed. The feature that makes this game a standout among other runners is the color switching that must be performed in order to keep running on the upcoming platform. This causes users to time their responses to the second and face the challenges of the game as they progress. ‘A must install for all endless running game lovers!’ state the current users.
  • An interactive and user friendly interface along with tons of puzzles and problems to solve along the way, the Feed the Panda keeps users entertained for hours. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this game incorporates problem solving into a fun and creative environment and the difficulty level is such that it keeps the players hooked until all the levels are completed.
  • ‘This is a physics puzzler that will keep you on the edge for hours’ says a developer about Ice Cube Penguin. Ice Cube Penguin has a plethora of icy problems that need to be solved in order to clear each level. Destroy cracked ice cubes or time the movement of objects, this game puts skills to the test and this is what makes it so addictive to play. With beautiful graphics and intense gameplay, this game is ideal for gamers of all age groups
  • ‘If you’re looking for something different and imaginative, this game is the best pick for you.’ Is a user’s view regarding the game ‘Elephants can’t jump’. The bright yellow elephant and the vibrant and colorful backgrounds on each level make this game a great pick for kids. Besides being visually appealing, this game also tests the mental prowess of its players and is highly addictive.
  • Regarding Box drop, developers say: ‘The objective of the game is simple; remove the evil boxes without losing the green ones. However as the levels progress, the difficulty level increases and this is what makes this game so addictive to play as it keeps you testing yourself over and over again.’
  • ‘If you want to challenge your reflexes and experience a fun filled journey complete with exciting power ups, then Mega Ball is a sure shot pick for you.’ Suggest a group of young players. Superb graphics renditions and a change of background at every level is what make this game unique and instantly desirable for kids and grownups alike.

Games developed by eeGames have accounted for raising stats on android, iPhone and windows phones. While Box Drop and Ice Cube Penguin have remarkably high stats among Android and iPhone users, Feed the Panda, RGB Box Runner, and Mega Ball are a hit among Windows phone users.

These Games, say the developers, have been developed through rigorous and immaculate programming to achieve the interface we have today. ‘Behind all the innovative functions lie hard work and prime skills of our incredibly talented engineers.’-CEO eeGames.

Using innovative technology in a way which makes humans smarter than machines, developers of eeGames envision to dominate the Global ERP, and Gaming industry. For the past two years, these ERP professionals have provided premium services and after sales support, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.